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Myrtle Heery, IIHS Director
Listen... To a presentation by Dr. Heery titled, Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy and Education on "Shrink Rap Radio".
Listen... To Dr. Heery's KSVY radio interview discussing Awakening to Aging: Glimpsing the Gifts of Aging.
Listen... To Dr. Myrtle Heery at Readers Books in Sonoma, CA discussing Awakening to Aging: Glimpsing the Gifts of Aging.
Listen... To Dr. Myrtle Heery's Interview on Your Own Health and Fitness discussing How We Age.
Humanistic Studies
Being in Good Trouble
Applying Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy in 2017

I am honored and humbled to be receiving the Rollo May Award for Independent and Outstanding Pursuit of New Frontiers in Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy. Thank you for acknowledging me, my work and close to 400 diverse individuals I have trained. Since 2000 I have led existential-humanistic trainings in California, Arizona, Colorado, Canada, England, Mexico, and Russia. These trainings, titled Unearthing the Moment, have taken place through a nonprofit organization, the International Institute for Humanistic Studies, which I founded with the full support of my mentor, Jim Bugental.

The Institute is dedicated to providing scholarships to minority students including but not limited to Asian, African, African-American, Hispanic, and LGBTD to learn the theory of existential-humanistic psychotherapy and apply this profound theory of living and dying to diverse populations with diverse challenges. The mission statement of the Institute is to touch the world with heart and mind, and to inspire hope, compassion, courage, resilience and tolerance by building bridges of communication between cultures. We are proud to be an APA CE provider for ...

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2017 Rollo May Award
Louis Hoffman, Ph.D. former trainee from Unearthing the Moment who nominated Myrtle Heery, Ph.D., presents Heery with Rollo May award, at APA Conference, August 4, 2017
Winfred Hooper Interview Our Wisdom Years with Winfred Hooper, J.D.

In "Our Wisdom Years with Winfred Hooper, J.D.", 85 years young, is the husband of Mary Jane Hooper, M.S., psychotherapist and trainee with I.I.H.S. in Fort Worth, Texas.

The director of I.I.H.S., Myrtle Heery, Ph.D., interviewed Win at our Extended Training, June, 2013, Santa Cruz, CA.

On this 50th anniversary of JFK's death, we are honored to post this interview with Win who was with JFK and Jackie the day before and morning of JFK's tragic death.

He tried over 100 jury trials in his 53 years of service, which would be unheard of now.

Win was active in the democratic party in Fort worth, Texas.

He won the Blackstone Award in 1993. An award given to outstanding attorneys who show the highest ethics and abilities in the legal profession. It is presented by the Tarrant County Bar Association of about 300 members.

Win has remained so young at heart as this interview shows bringing wisdom to each of us on not growing old.

Myrtle Heery, IIHS Director
WTOC - Mid-Morning Live Interview
Understanding and Treating Chemical Dependency using the Existential-Humanistic Model
Understanding and Treating Chemical Dependency using the Existential-Humanistic Model
Chris Harrison, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
Bev Miller, Grief Educator, Redwood City, CA.
December, 2012
Videos developed and presented at Extended Training of "Unearthing the Moment," June, 2011
by Rafi Sadek, MA, MSEE.
Celestial Heart
Celestial Heart
Existing Potential
Existing Potential